About Us

GHARWEG Advice, Training & Careers Centre, GHARWEG for short is the Ghana Refugee Welfare Group (GHARWEG). The Annual General Meeting of 16th December 1997 reviewed the activities of GHARWEG. It became obvious during the evaluation of GHARWEG, that different nationalities are accessing the services. The management and staff team is also reflective of the client groups that GHARWEG provide services to. It was therefore decided that the organization should be known by its acronym. The meeting also decided to add Advice, Training & Careers Centre to the name in order to reflect the core activities of the organisation.

GHARWEG is charitable organisation. It was set up in August 1985. It initially provided advisory services, and over the years added cultural, employment training activities and development awareness to its work.

The organisation is independent. It is under the management of management committee, who are the trustees of the organisation. It has an Executive Committee composed of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasury, who managed the organisations. The MC and three sub-committees provide the strategic management of the organisation. They take the decisions and ensure that the organisation is run according to the aims and objectives that it was set up to do.

Day-to-day running of the organisation is the responsibility of the organisation Co-ordinator (Director). He manages the projects and ensures that the projects are run accordingly to their stated and aims and objectives.

We have grown from a relatively small African group to a medium size organisation that provides services in advice, employment training and capacity building targeting black and minority communities, especially refugees, asylum seekers and Africans.