We provide:

  • Advisory Services.
  • Employment training courses.
  • Vocational guidance and access to training/education and employment.
  • Capacity building for community organisations.
  • Working with communities and people for development.
  • Working with partner organisations in the developing work to improve the living conditions of marginalised communities and people.

Employment Training & Careers Page

Our work is in two key areas:

We provide IT training courses targeted at the unemployed, especially refugees and asylums seekers in order to provide them with skills to enhance their employment or their careers progression. The courses run for at least 12 weeks and you must be committed to spend at least two days a week with GHARWEG. You will achieve qualifications in Oxford Cambridge Royal Society of Arts (OCR) following training.

In addition to the above, we support our trainees to develop their action plans and take them through the realization of their goals including the development of soft skills.

We support people who drop into the Centre with advice on their career progression and place them with higher training/educational providers. They can also take short taster courses in IT while with us.

Capacity Building Project

This project evolved out of the support we gave to small community groups in order to sustain them to provide quality services for their clients.

There are two areas of support that we offer to small community groups.

city building workshops.

We run periodic workshops in strengthening voluntary organisations and sustainability. They are advertised and representatives of community organisations can register to come on these courses.

We also work with groups and provide them with customised support and take them through the developmental stages of their organisations.

The project networks with other second tier organisations in London. We share experiences and also refer clients to each other. In addition we co-operate with second tier organisations and other initiatives to improve the capacity of our sector to participate in the decision-making processes.



Where possible we work in conjunction with orders to realise our aims and objectives.

Current partnerships are:

Southwark Action for Voluntary Organisations (SAVO)

We are working with SAVO, who are the lead partner and six other organisations to run two years Opportunities for Work Project for adults. We will be supporting the project and will run basic skills courses in literacy and numeracy to support the project.

Training  and Enterprise Council (TEC) of the Refugee Council

Currently we have reached agreed with TEC who are running ESOL courses at our Centre. This has come in handy especially as we have to suspend our ESOL programme after 8 years of running it due to end of funding streams.

We are continuing to develop networks with other agencies and use the support and opportunities that organisations like SAVO, Southwark Refugee Communities Consortium (SRCC), London Refugee Voice (LRV), Black Training & Enterprise Group (BTEG), London Voluntary Sector Training Consortium (LVSTC), South Development Forum (SDF), etc offer to us.

Other Activities

As migrants and people from the black and minority community we are always working with others to improve the conditions of people in the UK and abroad. We totally support initiatives such as Make Poverty History, and the various campaigns that are being undertaken to reduce poverty in third world and Africa in particular.

We participate in development awareness activities, especially those run by the Development Education Association (DEA) and other agencies.

We also work with other groups in our premises and other organisations across London and abroad for better deal for migrant and people from the black and minority community.